Michel de Hey

His career started in 1986 in a small club in Rotterdam. In 1992 his name started to rise with his release "Break". With this record he reached the top 10 of the US billboard Dance Charts. As from then Michel created his funky techno sound to what it is now. Michel has been nominated and won different Dance awards for best Techno dj. He has worked on various compilation projects. The major ones are: the 'Essential Elements' series (EDM), the 'Technological Elements' series (EDM), Dance Valley on Ibiza' (Influx) 'Dance Valley Main stage Edition' 'Syntec' (EC). MDH 01 for Trust the dj and 'Two Faces'. His latest offering is called "Recorded in Rotterdam". The reactions to this one are excellent, compilation of the month in mixmag and raving reviews in other high profile magazines. Bio: During the eighties Michel started mixing. He also started to participate in mix tournaments. At the annual returning Dutch Championships Michel became three times in a row second best. His reputation in Holland was founded in August 1995 with his club night 'Future' in Nighttown Rotterdam. It developed into a respected club night functioning as a musical indicator for the Dutch club scene. Since the beginning of "Future" Michel invited many national and international artists, introducing the crowd to high quality of techno and house music resulting in five national award nominations over the past years. His star slowly rises as one of the best house/techno dj's of the Netherlands. Sadly, because of his busy schedule, Michel had to stop the club night after 7,5 years. Michel founded various record labels such as EC, CC, Brave New World and Miracle Records, overall called Immaculate Music. EC Records delivered several floor fillers and chart hits over the years. Although it was not Michel's main objective to aim for chart hits when he founded Immaculate Music still till today the labels are primarily respected throughout the club scene and are musically considered to be leading record labels in the Netherlands. For his labels Michel has made several solo productions and releases in cooperation with Literon aka Gert-Jan Bijl, Secret cinema aka Grooveyard aka Jeroen Verheij and Mirko van Dommelen. Apart from his own labels Michel has also made music for 070 records, Artform, Lupp and Plink Plonk. Next to these Labels Michel has started a new label called HEY!, The response has been great. The records are played by a whole bunch of dj's from Josh Wink to Carl Cox, from John Digweed to Adam Beyer and the list goes on and on.... Release number six is out for 2006 and there are more to follow. In the summer of 2005 Michel has also mixed a double cd called 'Two Faces'. This cd is again a good showcase for Michel's dj skills. The first cd represents Michel when he is playing in a small club. The second cd is Michel playing his festival or big room set. The release was a major success. A world tour followed. Since the beginning of 2003 he started to work together with the former Cosmack Management in London, now called Litheum. They are responsible for all his dj activities outside the Benelux. Besides Michel they also take care of dj's like Carl Cox, John Digweed. Over the years Michel has been playing all major festivals in and outside of Holland. Playing gigs in: Japan, Columbia, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Romania, America, Singapore, Indonesia. Argentina, Peru etc. Many times he has been asked for highlights of his career. There is not just one highlight, every year new highlights arise. From Creamfields in Argentina to the world biggest indoor festival called Sensation and of course the annual Dance Valley. During this summer Michel played some great sets at Circo Loco and Space in Ibiza. Beside all his gigs Michel also produces the annual anthem for the Dutch Love Parade (Fast Forward Dance Parade). He has been ambassador for each edition and he has seen the Parade grow to one of the biggest parades worldwide. In 2004 and 2005 Michel played a marvellous 12 hour set at the city beach in his hometown Rotterdam and last but not least his annual Birthday Bash! Rotterdam's finest Birthday party in one of the best venues Rotterdam has to offer! Finally Michel has reached the DJ MAG top 100 for the second time, this year he climbed up to number 62. Above all Michel is enjoying the things he does! 2006 will give him a new opportunity to do the thing he loves most; producing music and spinning the wheels of steel.... DJ Mix CD'S Essential Elements - Part 4 to 10 (compiled, not mixed) - CD EDM Essential Elements - Part 11 (compiled and mixed) - CD EDM Technological Elements - Part 1 - 2 - 3 - CD EDM 3 DJ's in a Box - Part 1 - 2 - 3 - CD Arcade Nighttown - Part 2 - CD Basic Beat Impulz - Part 1 - CD Influx Dance Valley on Ibiza vol. 1 - CD Influx Dance Valley main stage 2002, mixed by DJ Michel de Hey - CD Influx Syntec - Part 1 - CD EC Records Various MDH01 - CD Trust the dj Michel de Hey VS Secret Cinema Just the two of us - CD EC Records Michel de Hey Two Faces - 2CD News Michel de Hey-Recorded in Rotterdam-CD Immaculate Music

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