Mighty Thor

Tor Löwkrantz aka Mighty Thor, is producing funky analog-minded techno, and has been a part of the Swedish electronic music community since the nineties. As a member of trio "Hundarna från Söder" he has released albums and 12" records in a wide range of styles, and frequently played live and dj:ed at fine places as well as the shady underground clubs. While growing up in Stockholm, Tor discovered music and started listening to Techno, and he found his love of old synths and electronics, all this made him start collecting records, become a vinyl junkie, and from that point, there was no turning back. While working in the band all these years, Mighty Thor always produced his own solo music, with unreleased tracks ending up on Dave Clarke's top 10. In 2006 Adam Beyer released the mighty man's first solo record on "Drumcode", making it possible to reach the wider audience of the world. This was soon to be followed by two releases on new Elp label "Patch". With this as a new starting point for Mighty Thor, you can expect much more to come in his -rough around the edges- style. Loving the nerve and rush of playing live, you can expect his sets to be fast, funky and furious.

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