Mike Storm

Mike Storm comes from the underground scene of the 072 area (Alkmaar) in the Netherlands.
In the late 90's he started as a DJ, soon he moved from turntables to his first equipment and started preforming live-sets on various local party’s. While the underground scene was highly involved electro and techno music, Mike learned from it's established dj's & producers and how to work with analog equipment. As of this day, he still produces his tracks still without any computer sequencer. Mike Storm is most of all inspired by the sound from Detroit and minimal sci fi techno and his biggest passion is performing live on stage.

In 2012 Mike sees his music is being appreciated by the likes of Jeff Mills. The result is a debut Album ’Encounters’ on the label Subsist.

In 2013 Mike did some releases on Ketra records, Microfreak and found his place on the label Belief System Records were he did the ‘One Target’ Ep what result in a live preforming in the famus Tresor club Berlin.

In 2014 Mike did some new releases on the labels Orbis, Ars Mechanica and he’s second Album ‘Pulsars’ (2x 12”)on the label Belief System Records. Mike also ended in the top 10 chards of new talents from Dave Clarke and sees his music is being appreciated in the whole techno scene.

In 2015 Mike starded with a EP on the label Spectral Rebel and did some VA’s on the labels Pushmaster discs, Limited, Persistence and Silent Signal. This year he released a EP and VA on the label Chronicle and will do a release on the label Contruct Re-form. Bens Sims also will release a re-edit of the track Dark Side. Mike is also working on a new album.

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