He spent most of his twenties juggling music and his other passion, cooking, buying records and DJing minor gigs for friends in bars and at private parties. In 2002 he moved into production. 12 months later, having outgrown his home set-up, he rented out a local studio, where he became close with the CLR crew. By the end of 2008, he'd put out his first two releases, and by 2010 his relationship with CLR had started to grow. In the following years, he'd put out six EPs via the label, including hit records "Try," "Things" and "It's Mine," tour the world over and release Drift, his textured debut album.

With music out on Innervisions, Life & Death and Soma, 2015 has shown the results of all his hard work. He currently sits somewhere between techno and house, nurturing a sound that is as driving, groovy and low-slung as ever, but with greater emotional range. Monoloc has never felt freer to explore and experiment within his craft.

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