With precise mixing techniques, scratches and effects, Murphy goes through Funky to Hard Techno, showing his dj skills with very hard use of the dj mixer features. In 2000, between more than 500 candidates from all over the country, Murphy won the 1st place on the first Brazilian Dj Contest. Since then, Murphy stablish himself in the brazilian eletronic music scene. Djing in clubs and rave parties in all over the country, Murphy is also the resident dj in the following clubs: "A Loca" (Sao Paulo) every Friday, Combustivel @ Lov.e (Sao Paulo) one Saturday per month and Pulse Club (Goiania) one Thursday per month, where is possible to check his technical skills and another noticeable characteristic: charisma and interaction with the audience. Moreover he is in charge of "Clubtronic" on wednesdays, a radio show broadcasted by one of the most popular radio stations in Sao Paulo: Energia 97. July 2001, Murphy had been playing at World Eletronic Music Festival (Canada), where he was on the spot because he was the only dj from Latin America in the event. His presentation was set for the first day only, but he astonished and pleased the audience in a way that he was invited to play a 3 hours special set on the next day. Murphy won the prizes for best New Dj on 2001 and best Techno Dj on 2002, awardered by "Noite Iustrada" (Folha de Sao Paulo) and was indicated as best Techno Dj on 2003 by DJ Sound Magazine. As a producer, Murphy has a few tracks launched on his discography that shows his "funky style" of playing and producing. In his very first producings, he was invited to launch the track "Non Sense" by the brazilian label "Brasil Com S". After that, the track "Afinidade" was chosen to be part of the 2nd compilation of "AMP Mtv Brazil" and the compilation "Space Live Music" from Sygno Music. In 2003, he was invited by Christian Fischer to launch "Afinidade" and "Tem Lenha" by the German label "Definition Records", remixed by "Men of Noise" (Christian Fischer himself). "Tem Lenha" was launched, reaching a huge success, and quickly it got out of stock in a lot of record shops around the world. "Boarding time" is another track that will be launched by the most inovative brazilian label: Underground Records Brasil URBR. "Boarding Time" is a track with a lot of swing and percussion, which pumps up any dance floor. Murphy got credibility as producer and put the brazilian eletronic music on the spot. Such success took Murphy on his first tour around Europe, invited by Christian Fischer and local promoters from Frankfurt, Leipzig and Berlin. In Germany, he was presented in two radio stations (Corax Radio and Sputnik Radio) and three dance clubs. Until the end of 2003, Murphy will take off for another tour in Germany and other countries in Europe. Back to Brazil, Murphy played at Skol Beats to an audience of 25 thousand people at the outdoor stage. Presenting a dj set played at 4 turntables. He was one of the major national attractions on the festival, being praised by the press and the audience. Time passed by and Murphy started studio-work together with Christian Fischer. The output was big and many labels signed tracks of them. Nowadays there are plenty of records to be released soon (such as a Monoid-release i.e.). More and more European promoters recognized him, booked him and partied with him. Playing at the famous Pro-Jekt event was just one big step he took within the last two years. 2006 is the most successful year of Murphy so far. Fine Audio Recordings threw out Murphys first official Mix-CD in April. In the same month he took over the fabulous Time Warp in Germany, playing before Chris Liebing at the main-stage. Again, he has being voted as no. 1 of "Best Techno artist of Brazil" again. In May, back in Brazil he played at Skol Beats again for the 4th time in a row. Summertime was Europe-time again. Loveparade was re-born and Murphy had the chance to proof his skills in front of a million people at the Siegessäule in Berlin. Within the tour he performed together with his studio-partner Christian Fischer at the Nature One Festival at the Century Circus and again at the biggest festival in the Czech Republic, the Summer-Of-Love-Festival. More things about Murphy are coming up, be prepared for the future! 2007 will be a hot year, this is a promise! Voor tracks en andere info check ook

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