Nicole Rosie

Finally Rosie threw herself into truly mastering the art of mixing records for real. Very quickly she got hooked and DJ-ing has now become her passion. The first records she got her hands on were very minimalistic. Nowadays her sound is evolving more and more towards deep and dark techno, but minimal-techno remains the base around which her sets revolve.
It's possible that you've already run into her spinning records at top venues such as Flex Bar, Studio 80, Sugar Factory, the Bunker and the Dutch festivals Rockit and Dance Valley.
In 2008 Rosie started organising techno parties under the name “Onderstroom”. At Dance Valley and Rockit, “Onderstroom” was represented alongside Electronation. During this time parties were also held in the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam along with an illegal party of 400 people.
The period 2009 - 2010 was a real point of development for Rosie. She pushed her vinyl records aside and began mixing with Tractor. These days she builds her sets up with 4 lines in Tractor, creating a whole new sound. Her minimal-techno sounds raw, deep, heavy and slightly dark, around a BPM of 125.
A difficult, but necessary decision was made in July 2010 to step away from her collaboration with “Onderstroom”. Although she loved every moment working with the guys and developing “Onderstroom” the feeling of her sound not ‘fitting in’ grew. This brings Rosie to a point now in her DJ-ing career where she is fully geared towards developing her own unique sound and contributing her flair to the evolution of techno.
Nowadays she is focusing on the famous 'ON' sell-out parties, specialising in underground locations, which breathe techno! 'ON' represents a powerful mix of electronic music, a sublime atmosphere and unique location allowing the DJs to really immerse the crowds into the underground techno scene! 'ON' has invited well-respected DJs including Chris Liebing, Gary Beck, Tommy Four Seven, Brian Sanhaji, Monoloc, PSYK and Jeff Rushin, together with talented local DJs, triggering an amazing breadth of sound.
Besides DJ-ing she is producing herself.
You may recognize her tracks on the deep and dark sound around a bpm of 120

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