Nina Kraviz

The internationally renowned Siberian electronic music artist Nina Kraviz is the most successful woman in her field: headliner of the world's largest music festivals, acclaimed producer, singer and the founder of two record labels трип (trip) and Galaxiid.

Famous for an eponymous artist album and two critically acclaimed DJ mixes for fabric and DJ Kicks, Nina has become one of the foremost curators of electronic music today. In 2017 she was declared ‘DJ of the Year’ by Mixmag, cementing her status within the global music community. Nina reaches wider, deeper and further back in search of cosmic and inspirational sounds: she performs at the world’s most unusual locations including the Eiffel Tower and Great Wall of China, the biggest festival stages and tears up underground club parties.

In the studio she lets her productions evolve without constraints, resulting in a varied yet coherent discography.

On the one hand, "tarde", "this time" or "skyscrapers" show an unexpected yet fresh crossover side of herself. On the other hand, "hace ejercicios" or "all his decisions" are club tracks proving she is always ahead of the curve.

Nina's authentic, creative and strong personality, her unique music style and constant pursuit of deeper feeling, make her one of the most outstanding music talents around the world.

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