Winner Dommelsch Twstd DJ contest 2006/2007 !!! Ramon Brouwer aka DJ Nomar is 30 years old and lives in Uithoorn, a village near Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. In 1996 Nomar was responsible for the organisation of the " Frequency" - parties (later called Flexxz) and played there with DJ's as Carlijn, Estroe, Cellie and JP. He also played at several parties in his hometown region including 'Tumult' in Abcoude, 'Patronaat' in Haarlem, 'De Boei' in Vinkeveen and 'The Border' in Amstelveen, and also on the famous radio station New Dance Radio, later known as Slam FM. He turned tables on regular Saturdays in the Mazzo in Amsterdam for more than 3 years. Those evenings, as 'Expect the Unexpected', 'Off The Record' and 'Drive', were highlights for Nomar. At that time, Dj's like Steve Rachmad, Cellie and Bart Skils were also involved and active in the Mazzo-residency. Unfortunately these evenings ended in 2001. After a short breather Nomar became active again as DJ for audiences in 2004. He started the organisation of Mixupp parties and enlarged his Techno-techhouse style with mainly Minimal house, feeling inspired and challenged by this new combination. Nomar was recently invited to play on internet stations Deep.FM and United DJ's Radio, and he organised and played at the successful MazzOriginaL, a reunion with DJ's Estroe and Cellie. Nomar reached the Finals of the Dommelsch TWSTd DJ Contest in February 2006, after competing against 150 DJs through the quarter and semi-finals. In the semi-finals he won both the jury and the public vote. Winning the jury prize meant he'd be one of 4 finalists to play in 'Paradiso', held on the 3rd of February 2007. Here once again he won the audience and jury prizes, and became the unchallenged winner of the year! The jury included professional representatives from the renowned Anna Agency. Nomar hopes that people will be more open minded to new or different styles of house music and feels that house music has a lot more to offer. By playing during the Dommelsch tours and other spots in coming times he hopes to bring this idea across.

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