Octave One

The electrifying live performances of ​Octave One ​are one reason that the Detroit born and
bred producers are in constant demand. On stage, ​Octave One ​transforms synthesizers
and sequencers into vessels of funk, house and symphonic beats. The live show is
evidence of what longtime fans already know.

As well as performing live Octave One ​have penned several of the dance floor classics that
define an era. With a wave of new music and global touring for 2018, the Burden brothers
are set to release a new album entitled ‘Endustry’ under the much loved Random Noise
Generation guise with and live shows to match.

Octave One ​is the brainchild of core members ​Lenny ​and ​Lawrence Burden. The Burden
brothers burst onto the Detroit techno scene in 1990, producing their debut “I Believe,”
featured on the compilation ​Techno 2: The Next Generation​. The collective also includes
frequent contributions from siblings Lynell, Lance and Lorne Burden. Their 2002 hit single
"Black Water" has sold over one million records worldwide. Little Louie Vega, Danny
Tenaglia, Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin are among the DJs that continue to regularly weave
“Black Water” into their sets. The group has also earned critical acclaim for countless
records including "Empower," "Nicolette" and “The X-files.”

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