Olene Kadar

A notable remark is that this outstanding man has shaped a huge passion for music and creativity. Because of his a-typical way of performing he is seen as the most promising live-act of this moment. After an unequalled performance at Studio 80 Daniel ‘mumbling’ Sanchez already called him the Dutch ‘Alphex Twin’... coaxingly however, because this is not how Henk sees himself. The next critic of his performance at the Mo’s Ferry party at the Distillery in Leipzig, had a more catchy description: “Chaotic, unconventional, freaky, Flachen und Minimale Beats, Verzerrungen, zahlreiche Breaks, sublimierter Wahnsinn!”

One thing is clear: Olene Kadar is decidedly hard working, sweating and paddling during his performances. This hard working and sweating has granted him a deodorant sponsorship that cannot be named. This is a welcome advantage for a young talent who has always tried hard to make ends meet. Henk is still making sure that all ends do meet, currently with his sets.
Henk’s sets are dynamic and build up with loops completed by effects and incredible vocal-cuts. This is one of the reasons why he is able to anticipate so well with his audience right in front of him. With a lot of effort, we get quite something, for not one set is the same.

His younger years
Back to Olene’s roots: a place called Oldeholtwolde is where it all began. When Henk was still a young boy he was already inspired by musical influences of his dad’s cover band that rocked almost every wedding. Meanwhile Henk played the guitar regularly. His glockenspiel was played frequently and even with his fipple flute, he tried to express his musicality... unfortunately without any result. Henk’s talent was to be found in a different area. Let us go one step forward to Henk’s puberty where he started cutting tapes. As soon as he got his first computer, the first sets of the production level were recorded. With the help of some friends from the North, Olene has met other producers from Friesland who have made him familiar with the regional techno scene. The rest is history. Frivolous Henk creates track after track and you are still reading his biography. Thanks!

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