Orgue Electronique

Has anybody forgotten that in the beginning there was 'Jack'? Orgue Electronique aka Brian Chinetti certainly has not. Linked to worldwide renowned the Hague electro-scene and his good friend Legowelt, he has come to build-up quite a reputation over the years. With his musical baggage he has traveled all over the world, including two Japanese tours and several USA tours, and is known to please anybody with a deeper interest in electronic dance music. Whilst his first records are more on a minimal electro-trip, and the tracks he did on various compilations are defined as sleazy electronic disco, his latest work has above all a very thoughtful and soulful Chicago house feel. However, Orgue Electronique is not out there to recreate a Forgotten Sound, he rather picks out some bits and pieces and applies them to his own subtle analogue techniques. 'And this is fresh'.

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