Orlando Voorn

Right now Orlando can look back at a solid career with about 80 releases and a number of remixes and productions for numerous Artists. Still going on strong in 2007, with release after release Orlando explores many different styles of music. After his departure with Submerge he started with a new label TriangleRecords distributed by TripleVision. Orlando is finally elaborating the Detroit roots of the original, bringing up a remix with great buildup, perfectly timed breaks and wonderful hints to a magnificent musical heritage. Orlando has an impressive career as pioneer of the dutch/detroit techno scene and made numerous recordings under various monnikers; Voorn began djing at the tender age of 12 and went on to win the Dutch DMC DJ Championships in 1986 with his own characteristic blend of hiphop and electro. Towards the end of the eighties he acquired his first sequencer, packed away his turntables and turned his hand to producing. Following a series of dancefloor tracks recorded for the now defunct Lower East Side Records under the monniker of Frequency in the early nineties (Where Is Your Evidence, Kiss The Sky...), he was introduced to Juan Atkins (Industrial Metal, Game One) and went on to work with both Derrick May and Blake Baxter (as one half of the Ghetto Brothers). Voorn was also recording as Nighttripper (Tone Exploitation), Format (Solid Session - one of the most sought after classic techno records until its re-release in 1998), Basic Bastard, The Living Room, Baruka, Fix (Flash on Kevin Saunderson's legendary KMS label), Dope Dog, Boy (Paco Di Bango's World) and Stalker (The Stalker/The Riderman)... Many of these tracks can be heard on the double cd Best of Nightvision. Having made his mark producing his own vision of techno, ambient and hiphop and adamantly sidestepping genre limitations thus far. Orlando's Aliases: Baruka, Basic Bastard, Boy, Complex, Defence, Dope Dog, Fix, Fixomatic, Format, Frequency (3), Galaxy (2), Judge, The (3), Limited Edition (2), Living Room, The, Maniax Traxxx, Mute, Nighttripper,The, No Guts No Glory, PB 2000, Playboy, Progress, Shy Rock, Solar (2), Stalker, The, Tank (3), Trigger (4), Ultra (2), Urban Nature, X-It and OV. . Nightvision originaly started in 1993 and consist of quility uncut techno music mainly set up for Orlando's own creations like "The living room "Baruka" Defence" Progress "FIX Frequency vs Atkins" Infiniti. In 2007 he is putting out other artists with great music out on this reincarnated soulfood imprint. The new journey will jump off with Exclusive Game one remixes of Infiniti originally released in 1994 on Metroplex imprint of Juan Atkins & Orlando's Nightvision Remixes are by Mush, Quantec, Roberto Bosco, Claudio Mate, DJ S2(Los Hermanos), Rennie Foster, Ritzi Lee, Subotic, Pacou, Steve Rachmad & Orlando himself.Following will be Terrence Dixon ""'Climb & Downtown Detriot" Mush "" Test 72 & Test 66"... Remixed by Chez Damier.

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