Olivier Raymond, born 1971 in Grenoble (France), got into "black music" (disco & funk) in his early teens. During the collage years Olivier befriended Stephane Deschezeaux, another young man passionate about this music. They made their debut on a local radio station broadcasting a radio show dedicated to Funk. Olivier, only 15 years old, started mixing. Olivier's mixes were influenced by a large spectrum of music styles: electro-funk (Afrika Bambaata...), italo-disco, new-wave (Depeche Mode, New Order... ) and the early Chicago and New-York house scene. 1991 Olivier & Stéphane bought their first bits of equipment and started to compose music. 1993, Olivier became resident dj in Grenoble. Only a year later the live act 'Oxia' (Olivier & Stéphane) was born. 1995, Olivier and Stéphane meet Michel Amato (The Hacker), Alex Reynaud and Kiko in Grenoble, the electronic city in France. Together with Kiko, Olivier creates Ozone records on which Oxia released their first EP which was influenced by American techno. Also on this label Olivier co-produced the first releases of Jack de Marseille and made a couple more EP's with Stephane before splitting up though as good friends. Oxia became Olivier his solo project while Stéphane went his own musical way. 1998 Oxia created a new label with Michel Amato aka The Hacker and Alexandre Reynaud. They baptized it 'Goodlife' in homage to the mythical Inner City track. Both personality and sound evolved, giving birth to a series of EP's & remixes on Goodlife but also on other prestigious labels leading to a busy worldwide dj-diary. A page still unfolding, in 2004 Oxia released his debut solo album '24 HEURES' on Goodlife. His first full album floats between melodic techno & electro. Though Oxia got more and more into an eclectic trip mixing atmospheric techno & uplifting minimal techno, injected with little electro ... His new approach is also very visible on the slamming productions & remixes of the last years [Giant Wheel, Kompakt 'Speicher' Extra ('Domino' which became a world hit admired by the whole electronic scene from progressive to techno over minimal), Tsuba Records, Confused, Goodlife, ...]. 2007 was an extremely busy year for Oxia touring major festivals and clubs, not only solo but also together with his good friend Agoria for an amazing batlle 'Oxia vs Agoria'!

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