Paco Osuna

Shake, founded in 2003, gave Osuna the chance to work with Rino Cerrone, Davide Squillace, Toni Ríos, WJ Henze, Markantonio and Danilo Vigorito, and also permitted him get into the presigious Zenit label, CEOed by his friend Marco Carola. But the apple of his eye is MindShake, his new label, which reflects with higher fidelity the sound he's after at the present time. Lately, Osuna has become more and more interested in minimal techno. Which is not to say he climbed on the bandwagon. Please keep in mind that his first mix-CD, Salón de mezclas, published a long long time ago (in 2002), already featured a few tracks of this genre. And please also take note that 'minimal' doesn't mean to Paco Osuna the same it means to most present time producers. Osuna delivers -not always, since his harder output still has many fans- a low rev, repetitive, harsh, mental techno, which owes more to nineties Detroit (melodic, but mechanical and square) or to Maurizio's Berlin (deep and cold), to the colorful Cologne sound or to the usually dull minimal techno of todayl. More (emotion) is (achieved with) less (resources), that would be his version of the famous motto, and not less (satisfaction) is (achieved with) more (elements) we clubbers frequently have to put up with. And speaking of Paco Osuna and clubbing, its mandatory to mention Club 4. It is without a doubt one of the most successful clubbing options in Barcelona right now. Paco, Marco Carola and Christian Smith and a new guest every time (till now we've seen Hawtin, Josh Wink, Magda, Alex Smoke and Matthew Dear, to name a few), take turns every Thursday at City Hall's (that's not the real town hall, it's a venue's name!) controls, and give the long-suffering locals and visitors new hope in the pauper night of Barcelona. It's a back to basics: there are some well known names, yes, but they don't belong to self-obessed DJ, but to artists devoted to giving the people what music gives them. And music has given a lot to Osuna, and for a long time. At 14 he was a regular at Studio 54 (nothing to do with NYC's homonym, but still one of Barcelona's clubbing temples at that moment). In the mid of the acid house explosion, he payed close attention to the legenday DJ Raúl Orellana, who has the resident there. After some years learning the job at different clubs all around Spain, in 1999 Osuna was has hired at Ibiza's Amnesia, where he opened for the top international DJs and borrowed from them until he build up his own style. Amnesia was also the place where he met the person who soon was to be his most important future influence, both at a professional and a personal level: Sven Väth. In 2001 Paco Osuna became part of Cocoon booking agency. At that time, he had many 12" in different labels: Serial Killer, Mórbido, Real State... In 2005 he joined a new and ambitious project, ZENbooking (, the booking and management agency that's still his home (and is also the home of Marco Carola, M.A.N.D.Y. and Davide Squillace, among many others).

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