Pacou was born and raised in Berlin Germany where he still lives and works at present. Back in 1989 the sounds of House and Techno took off there. Starting out as a hobby, he became a music collector and went to many now legendary parties and club events. 1993 he bought the first little music equipment. Three years on, he produced, and then released the first records under the name "agent cooper" (on the label "Raw Music") and "Pacou" (on Tresor Records). Soon after, Tresors recordlabel released Pacous first longplay album "Symbolic Language", and he became a resident DJ at the club. The year 1998 marked a substantial progress in both DJ and production aspects of the work. He started playing DJ sets around Europe, Japan and Australia, and changed over to fulltime work on music and performing as DJ. The main release was the experimental techno style LP "No computer involved" on Tresor. In september 1998 Pacou founded his first own label "LL Records", for release of some of his own material and of some friends. 1999 saw the continuation of work, a 12" single called "A Universal Movement" and continued travels and showcases around the globe. Remixes for Ben Sims and Access 58 from UK were also done at the time. Another LP format "State of mind" was released in March 2000, furthermore vinyl singles on the famous dutch label Djax-Up-Beats. Tour dates again ranged from Brasil to Australia. In fact travelling became more important - learning about other cultures and climates first hand changes views on life... Finally the website "" was started in mid-2000. Musical projects for 2001 included releases on the German "Konsequent" imprint (album and singles), the "Music Man" and "Djax" record labels. March 2001 saw a tour over Australia with stopover for ashowcases in Singapore. New plans for 2003 included continued work on Music Man label series "Rio Sketches", and starting a new Livemusic / performance project "Autofokus Music", which released 3 vinyl singles in 2004/ 05. Tresor released another single "Last Man Standing" in February 2004 and a whole album "The Berlin Sessions" produced with Juan Atkins in 2005. The newest project is the vinyl label "Cache Records". It was started in May 2005, January 2008 sees the 8th release. So far Pacou played in places of more than 20 countries, and so the story will continue... spreading the good vibe.

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