Born in a garage in Cala Llonga, Ibiza - Parkerstrange is the musical brain child of Bonnie Strange and Selma
Parker. The duo has been working together already on several projects in arts and fashion for years, before they decided to join forces in music.

Intense months of sleepless nights jamming in the studio along with good friends have been shaping the distinctive sound of Parkerstrange which complements their vivid, glossy imagery of lucid dreams in between desire and dark fantasies. Immersed in trance, pop and techno since their early youth, they have channeled these influences into their signature productions through infectious hooks and mesmerizing melodies, transporting listeners to dimly lit dance floors in other spheres. When Bonnie and Selma hit the stage, they deliver an electrifying performance fueled by raw energy with captivating live vocals.

As Parkerstrange continues to carve their path, they exclusively showcase original tracks and carefully curated edits of underground classics, unwilling to compromise their artistic integrity. The home for their trademark sound will be the newly formed label Strange Park serving as a platform for their collective vision and dedication.

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