Pascal Benjamin

Growing up with the older sounds of House Pascal felt attached to the music at a young age. After years of learning to make music, finding his own sound, connecting with likeminded people, Pascal had his first solo 12" on Welt records by Nima Gorji.

Last year he became part of the respected Dutch label SlapFunk records. Not long after "From Scratch" EP entered the vinyl charts. 2018 is definitely a good year for Pascal. He got to play next to established artists in the scene and delivered two solo Epʼs on SlapFunk and Botanic Minds. On top of that he already got to play for RealGang Ibiza, VBX, Amsterdam Open Air, SlapFunk, Paradigm and KADER this year.

His music gets driven by endless sequences, trippie hats and tons of under layered sounds.􏰀Being just 22 and with recently music support from no other then SIT, and Petre Inspirescu there is know doubt that we going to hear more from Pascal in the future.

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