Patrick DSP

During the last decade, Toronto, Canada was the home base for DJ/Producer Patrick DSP who's been active on many fronts in the global techno scene. Now calling Germany his home, Patrick DSP began his campaign of techno in the mid 90's, his first club residency was at the Infamous E! Space in Toronto Canada in 1997. Incorporating his present tastes with his extensive background and knowledge of music, to the public, he has always maintained an anti-mainstream approach to music.
In 1999, Patrick soon found himself with a strong desire to expand his musical horizons and began writing and producing music. He quickly found himself in the services of other labels providing mastering, production and remixing services for major labels in addition to working on his own twisted visions of sound. Working from Neptune Studios, Patrick has run the gamut of producing everything from film scores, to blistering techno. Neptune Studios soon branched off to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where Patrick began providing audio production services in the emerging South American scene. These classes soon branched off worldwide and provided opportunities to give classes and lectures around the world.
In his +10 years of production, Patrick has collaborated and conspired with some of the most talented names in Techno. Gaining an impressive repertoire of international releases. catering to a diverse spectrum of techno flavor with hopes to forget the sub-genres and concentrate on quality techno music. Now nearing the end of 2009, Patrick has relocated into the heart of Europe to connect better with the music that he loves so much. Patrick DSP has played across Europe, South America and North America, spreading his twisted rugged hard techno sound from intimate local clubs to festivals such as the Love Parade in Germany, ADE, MayDay, Awakenings, Fabrik, Tresor and many more.

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