Patrik Skoog

Born in Malmo, Sweden, Patrik first started messing about with music making at around 15 years of age, originally influenced by early electro and industrial acts. His production efforts started to turn more towards techno and become more consistent when Headroom was formed together with A.FluX and H.Larsson in early 1997. In 1998 their first 12ä record was released on the Swedish label Loop records. Since then releases have followed on respected labels such as Evil Deception, Planet Rhythm UK, Synewave, Cloned, Template, Submissions, Compound and many more. Aside from Headroom, Patrik began a solo project in 1999, slightly more towards dark tribal compared to his collaborations. Having worked for German and American labels he decided to set-up Native Diffusion Records, initially with a friend in Germany. This focuses mainly on own productions, but also showcases« remixes from the likes of Damon Wild, W.J Henze, Inigo Kennedy, Slobodan, Takaaki Itoh & Hardcell. From 2004 and on, expect other great talent to start appearing on the label as well. Patrik has also DJâd from the beginning of his career and has played praised gigs in the UK, USA and Europe (Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Czech, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark etc).

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