Paul Boex

Paul Boex also known as Paul Bax, was born in a small village called Sleeuwijk on the 22nd of March
1985. On the age of 15 he got acquainted with the sound of techno. From that age he discovered a whole new evolution. About three years later he buys his own turntables and started playing techno.

His preferences go out to the pure dynamic loop techno, mixed with dark industrial soundscapes blended with some Birmingham flavours sprinkled on top. In his sets he pushes himself to the edge of unexpected abilities.
His sound is inspired by some of his favourite producers like Jeff Mills, James Ruskin, BMB's, Exium and Oscar Mulero.

Now a days he is the resident dj of Technonk, next to that he is the initiator of one of the most purest techno events of Holland, Mental Evolution.

In the year 2008 he starts his own label called 'Dynamic Reflection', to support the pure meaning of techno he's gonna bring you some quality stuff!

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