Paul Hazendonk

This all changed in 2001, after he got in contact with the Swedish agency 'Cat Productions'. They brought him to Sweden for a minitour, wich was a huge succes. After that, the interest for Paul was also growing in his homecountry. He started playing on lots of smaller parties on a regular basis, and got discoverd by MAW Agency. After that he played at parties and festivals such as Dancehill (Tilburg), Ultrashock (Extrema), FFWD Dance Parade (Rotterdam), MAW (Las Palmas/Nighttown), Asta (The Hague), Club Risk (WvS), Techno Vision (Patronaat) and Xcess (Las Palmas) on which he played next to well established DJ's such as Luke Slater, Samuel L Session, Billy Nasty, Chris Liebing, Valentino Kanzyani, DJ Rush, Marco Carola and Joel Mull. Next to that he also played in France, Estonia, Sweden, Slovenia (Ambasada Gavioli) and he is a regular guest at Croatian club 'Extravaganza' next to playing at many other Croatian clubs like Boogaloo/OTV Club, Safehouse, Gjalski etc. Paul Hazendonk's music-style is best to discribe as a combination between funky techhouse and techno. Sometimes deep or hard, but always with a recognizable drive which is characteristic for his sets. Early 2002 Paul Hazendonk compiled "Lost Treasures - Technonic Circles" wich was released on Guardian Angel (sublabel of Basic Beat Recordings). At that time the mix was done by Doc Fabian. However, a few months later Paul proved he is also capable doing it all by himself after compiling and mixing 'MAW presents Technique' which was released in oktober 2002. Paul started his own label Technique in the spring of 2003 and early 2004 saw the birth of a second label; Work Hard Play Hard. Where the sound for Technique is underground techno, the sound for Work Hard Play Hard is more crossover, meant for a bigger audience. With releases/remixes from artists such as Misjah, Mhonolink, Valentino Kanzyani, Bando, Ignition Technician, Patrik Skoog, Vince Watson, Petter and Orlando Voorn it's not more then logical that both labels have already build up a solid fan-base. The first cd on the Technique label, titled 'TASTE' was released in October 2004. It was a double cd with dj mixes by Misjah and Paul Hazendonk. Round the same time Paul's debut 12" release hit the stores titled 'Remote Places EP' (a co-operation with DJ Hansz). Expect a lot more releases and remixes by Paul Hazendonk in 2005!

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