Paul Ritch

Paul Ritch. Quartz Rec, Paris. Paul Ritch's name already resonates around the globe. His minimal techno productions, full of life and energy, have elevated him to international recognition. From 2007, just a year after his debut production, his popularity has risen to incredible levels. Paul Ritch, currently based in Paris, has been intimately involved with the label founded by the German tech-house duo MRI Resopal Schallware. Paul's first ever released track, Samba 12" reached the public through this label. The success of this release led the way to other productions such as Winter Ceremony (2007), Natural Gun (2007), and Summer Ceremony (2007). Paul Rich's intense and prolific career has already proved his popularity on stage and recognition as a producer. Many of his EPs have been released on different labels such as Get Physical Music (Fortuna, June), Fumakilla (Back to the Time), Paradigma Musik (Higher) and MiniSketch (Nordbanhof). In 2007, his tracks were also included in nine internationally prominent Mix Albums such as John Digweed's Transitions, Vol. 3, Gui Boratto's Addicted, Vol. 2, Global Underground: Rio from Layo & Bushwacka! and M.A.N.D.Y's Ibiza '07. Paul is charectarised by an unrestricted capacity to produce. Under the name of Hadycraft in 2007 he also published (in collaboration with Okain) Le Bal Masqué 12" EP on the label Kickboxer. 2008 has been a year to reap the rewards of his hard work and he has played in iconic festivals and clubs around the globe such as VMC (Miami), DEMF (Detroit), The End (London), Goa (Madrid), Amore Festival (Rome), Berghain (Berlin), The Pressure, (Glasgow) amongst many others. The launch of his very own label QUARTZ REC in October 2008 has been accompanied by a world-wide Tour which has already seen Paul play in Glasgow, Berlin and for the very first time, in Australia's main cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Paul will see out 2008 with a South American tour where he will play in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay. QUARTZ REC, Paul's newest initiative, will be dominated by minimalists sounds, intense, deep and active, a vibe that characterises him.

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