Paula Tape

Paula Tape is a Chilean artist known for her selection and her percussive sets, which broaden the gap between intricate rhythms and eclectic sounds.
With her sophisticated selection, she never fails to amaze with blending her sound between balearic material and floor-filling main time indefinable synth house realms.

Growing up in Santiago De Chile she started her musical journey by playing drums for multiple indie bands in her hometown which then sparked her musical passion for polyrhythmic patterns. The percussive sounds of the drums are a distinct sound which she’s brought over into her own productions, remixes and are a key feature of when she plays out dj sets across the globe.

Her debut EP “Agua Congas” on SOBO gained great support around the world and opened the door to many more people discovering her distinct sound, which then has lead to her signing releases on Permanent Vacation, Alzaya with the EP “Octava Dimension” and Rhythm Section records, which has published her latest 4-tracks ep “Astroturismo”.

Milan is currently where she's based and started being involved in"Tempo Dischi” a label dedicated to italian reissues of rarities, distributed by Rush Hour.

As resident presenter on Worldwide FM she hosts her monthly show titled Astral Jam, a journey into odd rhythms, leftfield sounds and organic dance with regular guest appearances of Vladimir Ivkovic, Budino, Joakim, Caravan.

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