DJ Pepo is one of the pioneers and most quoted discjokeys of Spain´s techno scene. Each booth Pepo touches with one of his naturally electric sets is filled with both rhythm and force, dazzling audiences all over Spain. Speaking of Pepo is to speak of an authentic reference of Spanish electronic music who has had a hand in the scenes history and evolution. He is a time bomb in the shape of music, getting richer with age and improving on each and every set with unexpected technical manuevers that jolt audiences alive and bathe their senses with musical delights. Since starting his career in 1985 Pepo has played in Spain´s most prestigious techno clubs, where today he is continuously booked several times a year. Throughout his already 20 year yet evergreen career Pepo has performed in legendary venues like Madrid´s Attica, Go-Go, New World--inaugurating some and being resident at all. Pepo has become the most preferred dj throughout northern Spain and is considered a genuine icon of techno all over the country. Pepo has also grown internationally with performances in Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. In search of avant-garde sounds Pepo began to experiment with producing tracks in 2000. He has developed an avant-garde sound that no one else is capale of producing 12 inches of vinyl. He later founded two labes, Branch Records and CPU Records, whose tracks currently fill the cases of Europe´s top djs. Pepo has recently created a third label, Inspired Records, where he will have room for his consistently evolvng sounds. In 2004, a compilation of Pepo´s hits were put on sale under the title Xpression (Vol.4 Rxxistance) and sold record amounts. Pepo´s energy inside and out of the dj booth was noted by UGP, an American clothing brand geared towards youths interested in skate boarding and biking, that decided to sponsor Pepo. Discography CPU - Mutation - 01 CPU - Ibáñ - 02 CPU - Graptling - 03 CPU - Wilson EP - 04 (w/Exium) Rama rcds - The Mission 1 - 01 Rama rcds - The Mission 2 - 02 Rama rcds - The Mission 3 - 03 Inspired rcds - 01 (w/Reeko) Inspired rcds - 02 Inspired rcds - 03 - (w/Exium) Pornographic rcds - Tenth porn cut - 010 (w/ Cristian Varela & Marco Bailey) Hunter 001 Hunter 002 Hunter 003 System records - 001 Rxxistance - Villalba EP - 010 Trece rcds - 03 (w/ Reeko)

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