Ever since the first house invasion hit holland in 1989 he was straight on hooked to the electronic music.
After hearing the very early detroit techno and pumping house that started to come over to the clubscene, he dove in and almost 20 years later he is still operating out of the underground while making his mark at the "upperground" with all sorts of projects.

This multi-tasker within the electronic scene constantly shifts between several disciplines such as his dj performances, his graphic designs, artist management and his work as a promotor and manager.
All combined he is well know and respected for the purity in it all...keeping it simple and real seems to be the way.

He performed at most of the dutch events and clubs, got his fair share of festival gigs like a double date with lowlands for example.
Got his own truck and several appereances at the ffwd dance parades but is also responsible for lots of techno events in and outside his hometown rotterdam.
He is the driving force behind the well known and one of the longest running techno nights in holland simply called "stricty techno".
And with sidekick projects such as "compound", "resonance", "upclose and personal" and other events behind his name he keeps on pushing the techno train.

His dj skills and over a decade of musical experience also gained the interest of other countries such as germany, france, the uk, belgium and even the ukraine.
He performed alongside most of the internationaly known such as surgeon, billy nasty, chris liebing, kevin saunderson, speedyj, laurent garner, jeff mills, gayle san and many more...

The last few years he started to work closely with famous techno pioneer speedyj, as a manager but also checking out stuff in the studio..
Ofcourse that gained his interest in making music and slowly the tunes are being created in his rotterdam based studio.
But with a mentor that has around 25 years of experience this also sets the bar a bit higher...
As always he will also find his way into this new born to follow for sure...

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