PET Trio (PET DUO & Miss Djax)

Miss Djax
Miss Djax is the alias of Saskia Slegers. Not only an excellent deejay, she is also the founder of Djax records, a label every real techno, acid, or dance freak in general should have heard off. Releasing constantly new underground music, Djax has built a reputation that stands solid as a rock and has placed Eindhoven (Acidhoven) on the world's electronic music map. Djax (and its variety of sub-labels) must undoubtedly be considered as one of the most important dance labels in the world. At the back of the book '1989 - 1999 Djax Records The Power of the Underground' James Hymann, (MTV Europe) calls it 'one of the decade's crucial labels' and further 'one of the world's most talked about labels'. People like Felix da Housecat, Justin Berkovi, Claude Young, Luke Slater, DJ Rush and off course Miss Djax herself have released tracks on Djax. No surprise then, Djax received many awards being best record label. Beside running her very succesful label, Saskia is, as mentioned, also a very popular international deejay. For many years she somewhere appeared on a list of 'international dj of the year', allways top ten, allways accompanied by people like Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox and so on. She has played all over the world and on all major events worldwide. A few examples? She closed two times at the Victory Tower at the Love Parade, she also played four times at the Love Nation party on the Love Parade, six times at Mayday, four times at Nature One, I Love Techno, Innercity and so on, so what need we say more?

From the darkest and most intense dance floors of downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil, arose PET Duo, the brazilian DJ couple most known for their mind-bending, forward-thinking and ass-shaking 6 turntable techno sets.
With a daring and challenging taste they bring together all their musical influences, such as Rock, Hip-Hop, EBM, Classical, breaking barriers and always opening new doors with their “No Conformists” attitude of playing fast and hard Techno.

Using 4 turntables, 2 CDJs, 2 mixers and effects or performing Live, they’ve developed their own way of playing which they intertwine one another’s music, working as a team to build a characteristic wall of sound. Adding to that their personal attitude as followers of DIY culture, they control all aspects surrounding their music: designing website, label artwork and producing tracks by themselves, making it all a mirror of their souls.
All the while, not forgetting the dance floor where they came from, PET Duo are first clubbers and music lovers, they are profound believers of a bilateral movement that brings DJs and public together into one unforgettable experience: Unity through Music!

Hearing is believing!!!
Three CD releases witness their unique technique: Palazzo Vol.05, the first 6 decks Techno compilation ever recorded in the world, Hard Techno Vol. 06, a double pack that also includes the live p.a. “X Years After”, recorded on the tour to celebrate the first decade playing together, and Ekspozicija 10 : Deep, Hard and Dirty, a double pack shared with Techno God DJ Rush.
Noticed by Rush himself, it’s through his agency, the Berlin based Kne’Deep, that they did their first big European tour. Studio work and production followed and now, with more than 20 releases out, on labels like Emetic, Cannibal Society, Kne’Deep, Djax, they came to realize the necessity of their own label, where they could best express their feelings for electronic music. Therefore in 2008 was born Cause Records. Already in its 7th release, Cause preaches the new, it’s a platform for young talents and well-established artists.

2010 is full of projects: the duo will focus on their label, many releases are in the pipeline and by the end of the year the first album will come to light. Special works are planned like a new live tour, a exclusive live CD recorded at I Love Techno Festival 2008 and, pushing the limits of techno, they will release a new sub-label “Cause’n’Effect”, devoted to a more experimental side of hard-techno.

For PET Duo, Hell is no limit!

Long Live Techno!!!!

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