Petar Dundov

PETAR DUNDOV is a Croatian producer and DJ, born in 1973 in Zagreb. From the early ages he was fascinated with synthesized sound and concept of developing new ways of composing. In 1989 he bought his first synthesizer and started doing music under influences of Kraftwerk, Jean M. Jarre and Depeche Mode. In 1993 he composed an anthem for the first Croatian rave party "Under City Rave," which was soon after released as his first 12" single on Formaldehyde Records from Berlin. Berlin inspired him to move forward with his music and performance as a live act, showing his skills for the first time in the famous Berlin club E-Werk. To connect even more closely to musical happenings in electronic music scene he started DJ-ing. He also appeared under aliases Soulslider and Pajazzo on German Adam&Eve and Loaded UK labels. With his brother Simon he started a project Brother's Yard in 1996, with an idea to break down techno to its elemental parts and build it up again in a new experimental way. This was followed by couple of powerful releases on Absense and PV labels. Uncompromised, metallic, lo-fi, yet soulful techno is maybe the closest way to describe it. In 1998 he works with Pascal FEOS on single "Sidechained," and remixes of his album "From the essence of minimalistic sound." He is also joining up with Jorg Henze in a couple of releases on Federation of Drums and Delirium Red labels. For his softer output named "TikaTaka" on Phono Elements label, he is producing a unique combination of tech-house, dub and acid. Nevertheless, Petar appeared on Cristian Smith's Tronic label releasing Evolver 12" single, which has been recognized as one of the ultimate dancefloor smashers by the end of Millennium. In a year 2001 Petar presented his ambient works to Jeff Mills, which was followed by the release on his label Tomorrow. "Sculptures 1-3" is a timeless concept with a more philosophical approach to the music. In 2002 Petar joined Belgian label Music Man, releasing two EP's and actual "Kaskades EP," voted for the techno vital release of the month April 2003 in Muzik magazine. By the mid-2003 he joins Steve Rachmad in his Amsterdam studio, to produce a successful "Amsterdam Session." His recent remix works include artists like Marco Bailey, Damon Wild, Pascal FEOS and Toni Rios. His music can be found on many V.A. compilations like Cocoon C, PVLAB com, Kozzmozz etc. Until present time Petar has released over 30 maxi singles, 3 albums of electronic dance music, traveled around the world performing in various clubs and festivals, to name but a few: U-60311 (Frankfurt), Womb (Tokyo), Sensor (Zurich), Mazzo (Amsterdam), I Love Techno Outdoor 2003 (Belgium), Wire03 (Tokyo), Exit Festival (Yugoslavia), MTV Valkana Beach Festival (Croatia), Integrate (Holland), etc. In his home city he has been organizing Perfection parties since 2000, with guest DJ's from all around the world, keeping electronic dance music scene alive and connected globally. Petar Dundov Heat EP Music Man (2004) Steve Rachmad and Petar Dundov Amsterdam Session Music Man (2003) Petar Dundov Kaskades EP Music Man (2003) Petar Dundov Waking up the ancestors EP Music Man (2002) Petar Dundov Libra EP Music Man (2002) Petar Dundov Evolver Tronic (2001) Pascal FEOS and Petar Dundov Sidechained PV (2000)

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