Piet van Dongen

On the early morning of 2 december 1983, somewhere in the Netherlands, a child was violently forced to leave the uterus and breathe on his own. It was called Piet van Dongen. Traumatized by the force of life, the first four years of his life were musically not very interesting. At his fifth however, he started to build on his music collection. His first gems were some George Michael tapes, but more artists followed soon. At his sixth, inspired by the music from his growing collection, he decided to start his first band, together with his little brother and his father. It was not quite the success he had hoped for, because the dog started howling awfully everytime they began to play. Discouraged by this negative feedback, Piet only dared taking his first steps back into music at his fourteenth. By that time, his music collection had steadily grown into a fairly large one. Steadily he began to interest himself in electronic music. His first 'productions', made on the family computer, followed quickly. They varied in style, but all had two things in common: hard beats and dominant melodies. Piet got struck by the godawfull Grunge-virus at his fifteenth. At that age he also got his first guitar, which he played until his fingers bled. He persisted playing the guitar for a few years, partially explainable by the fact that his dog couldn't criticize him any longer (for she had died by that time. She watches Piet from heaven now. (At least that's what his mother made him believe)). After finding the only missing LP from his Queen-collection in Spain in the summer of 2001, he decided to get back to electronic music again. He bought his own equipment and since then tries to make music he likes. In the year 2002, he started to send out his first demo tapes. The feedback he got, he used to improve his productions. In the year 2004, his efforts paid off, in the form of the release of two of his tracks on the local Wolfskuil Records label. Efforts to make it big like Tiesto haven't been working out like they should yet. But, ignorant and naive as he is, he keeps on trying.

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