Lauhaus and David Labeij are both well known forces in the Dutch Minimal / techno scene, playing at different events throughout the country. Next to their Dj-ing they're also active in organising events. While David is part of the Lofar media crew, Lauhaus is co-host of the Mono and Traffic events. After playing at numerous parties together and hanging out, they joined efforts in the studio late 2004. When their collaboration turned out to be a successful one, they decided to take their producing to the next level and start the polder project. This resulted in a lot of positive feedback from the scene. David's style has always been the more deeper and dubbier side of techno and house music, while Lauhaus has a more dance floor oriented music choice. The difference in Dj style between them turned out to be their strength in the studio. Polder's style can best be described as being steeped in the tradition of minimal techno and house, but also deviates from it by being even more hypnotic and intense in terms of texture and rhythmic complexity.

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