Pounding Grooves

Lawrie started in the music scene at the age of 16 playing the guitar and song writing in various bands, gigging all over Europe. He began to play the drums and his passion moved from the guitar to drumming which, after a while, led into sequencing drum machines and bass synthesisers and drumming over the top in a dub band. During this time Lawrie had built up a 20K JBL sound system and developed his skills as a sound engineer working with various bands including his own on the festival scene. The Immersion sound system became involved in warehouse parties in London about 10 years ago, with this Lawrie moved from being a sound engineer for bands to being the sound engineer at raves and building up his own studio (the first being on the top of a double decker bus). Here he began producing music using only programmable electronic instruments and as soon as he bought his first 909 he began releasing records. The parties were incredibly popular and his sound system became a big and influential part in the development of the London underground techno scene, as did his unique talent at producing techno, djing and playing his machines live. The Immersion Sound System was also well known for parties in Holland with some thrown in France, Italy and Poland. To date Lawrie has released over 150 records under a variety of pseudonyms and sometimes anonymous on various different labels including his own Pounding Grooves (of which he's produced all, with a few collaborations), Routemaster Records, Patten Play, Fresh Grind, Shark, Fukt and other labels such as Fine Audio Recordings, Planet Rhythm, Tortured, CLR, Countdown 2000, SUF, Subvert, Max/Min. In the late nineties Lawrie became interested in the vinyl mastering and cutting process so in March 2000 opened Curve Pusher, which has a very impressive client base and his reputation as an excellent mastering and cutting engineer is known around the world. Always seeking new ventures a year later Lawrie along with a group of friends opened a vinyl pressing plant, Curved Pressings, which is also regarded as one of the best in the world.

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