Quelza (real name Léo NaïtAïssa), was born at the end of the 90s in the Parisian suburbs. Lulled in the arts since his childhood, his connection with music is made at an early age.

But it's in 2013 that he made his first encounter with the Parisian electronic scene which inspired him to start producing his own tracks.

Over the years, Quelza has made a name for himself in the scene, earning the respect of renowned artists and committing to in-depth projects and releases.

Quelza is assiduous when it comes to his music - his releases on labels like Mord Records, New Rhythmic, KSR, Hayes Collective and others, push an unorthodox crystal clarity and cinematic sound design that has become his signature as an artist - which, combined with his unique DJ sets, has earned him a spot at some of the most prestigious clubs in Berlin awhere he is currently based and abroad, such as: Tresor, Griessmühle, KHIDI, Industrial Copera to name a few.

Quelza has taken advantage of the club closing period to get even more involved in his music, with several appearances on livestream platforms like HÖR and Room Trax, not to mention his productions - watch out for the bright future of this new talent who is only at the beginning of his promising and young career.

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