The Radial project started out as a cooperation between Jeroen and Laurens van der Starre.. Jeroen: “Laurens had been a long-time acquaintance I met via some mutual friends and I knew of the work he did with Anton Pieëte, when he sent me a demo for my labels i was really impressed so that’s when the idea to collaborate came up.” The first release of the duo, Beton EP was signed by the infamous Slovakian label Numb Records. Since, their music has been appearing regularly on mix compilations, play lists, and charts of many top dj's like Adam Beyer, Surgeon, Luke Slater, Oscar Mulero, Ben Sims, Regis, Rumenige, Loktibrada and many more. Jeroen “We were really happy to receive support from exactly the people we respected very much and were influenced by a lot, the release on Numb was a dream start.” Other full EP's include the Premium EP' on Token records, Hair of the Dog EP on Audio Assault and the Planet Rhythm 2 part series Firm to Farm I and II. The success of the latter even resulted in the release of Radial’s first full album Deleted Scenes on Planet Rhythm records.
Since mid 2009 Jeroen has continued Radial on his own since Laurens took a career opportunity and had to quit the cooperation.

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