From the beginning on Blueprint records, through the last 10 years Oliver Ho has explored techno and house in its many different styles, ranging from the deep tribal sounds of the "Universal" album on his label Meta, to the dark abstract noises of his Veil album, to the funkier house sounds of his Birdland project. All these ideas and sounds have been distilled down into the current project, Raudive. The sound of raudive takes the percussion of his earlier tribal releases and mutates it into a slower deep minimal sound, fusing the funk of house and the electronics of techno. The debut record on Klang Elektronik, "Audio ep" closely followed by Podium Records "Here" gained attention from dj's such as Riacrdo Villalobos, Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin. These initial releases have been followed by the raudive sound evolving with more appearances on Klang, Music Man and Pokerflat. This sound is also reflected in oliver's dj sets, visit www.oliverho.com to hear and see the latest performances from clubs around the world.

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