Reiss has been a pivotal figure of the Amsterdam house and techno underground for
quite some time. His extensive record collection, combined with a refined sense of
(club)atmosphere, enables him to create cohesion and unison on the dance floor. His
sound can be described as a delicate flow of rhythms and soundscapes spiced up with
occasional and surprising idiosyncrasies. Reiss is a close affiliate of the Amsterdam
based VBX crew. Besides regular DJ appearances at their events, he has also
released on the VBX label in collaboration with brother in beats Ferro, under their
Spokenn moniker.

Recently Reiss has made the decision to leave his day job in order to fully pursue his
artistic career. He is more determined than ever to realize his full potential; both in the
studio as well as behind the decks. Reviving his label Dialegestai, which started off
with two strong and well received releases before going silent, is also becoming a
priority again. With high profile gigs, all over Europe, both as Spokenn as well as
Reiss, he is currently riding a wave of well-deserved momentum and is showing no
signs of slowing down. Go check him out in a club near you and see what all the fuss is
about! We are convinced he will steal your hearts, as he did ours.

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