For the very first time EVER Rejected will play LIVE at Awakefest!!!! Joris and edwin met back in 1996 in the dutch 'remote' city enschede where they both came out no.1 at a dj competition at club atak. since that memorable moment they both became resident at the weekly basic grooves dance parties at atak. at the end of the 90's their ways split. edwin travelled to sydney and later on to new york city. in the meantime joris developed his musical skills in his dutch home country and released his first record in 2002. many records followed on different national and international labels, which lead to his first album in 2004 on sino records. his first mix CD was recorded in 2005 for the belgian fuse club. edwin oosterwal has been spinning records since the early nineties. He mixes detroit techno and minimal techno with chicago house which brought him to places like amsterdam, sydney, helsinki and istanbul. after living in new york city for five years he's now back in rotterdam, the city where he and joris voorn work together under the rejected monicker. their debut ep has just been released on sound architecture records and features two driving techno tracks flirting with early 90's minimal techno. paul swagerman has been involved with the basic grooves parties as graphic designer, and is now responsable for all rejected graphics. he also works together with joris on the design for his green label. as a dj team joris and edwin are now joining forces spinning their best records and unreleased new tracks. they share the same taste of quality house and techno music, but due their own unique record collections they compliment each other and their dj sets are varied and colourful. at some of their gigs the rejected crew is completed by paul showing slick stills and moving images.

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