Remute aka Denis Karimani

Denis Karimani is Remute. Remute isn't only a project pseudonym like one of the bunch in the music scene. Remute is Denis Karimani's alter ego where the twenty years old Hamburg-Guy letting out his versatile musical visions and ideas that are showing the deepness of his soul that is turning outside, since his early teeny times. The common denominator of Remute's music is the fact that it is emotional and heartfelt in all its facets. Both of this attributes shouldn't show that he is one of the sob stuff writers who is at home in the folk music and pop scene. No, that's wide of the mark. Remute's music is moving in a wide spectrum where sweaty hedonism techno with and without pads, deep and detailed house including clicks/disturbing signal/crackle action with a bit disco glam, bleep funky electro grooves and all between and beyond, are coming together and having a good time until the total excess. Total excess is also a well specification of his live gigs: At home he is the silent and inconspicuous one who is making music unspectacularly and nearly only with a ready-made pc but at his live gigs he is mutating to a real entertainer with an addiction to a spectacularly show where he lets his hardware burning regardless of losses to rock the crowed with diversified and style-free music so that the sweat is raining from the ceiling and the collective night is burning in every ones mind for a long time... Also Denis Karimani and Pelle Buys (aka DJ Unique - Resident of the Click in HH and member of Einmusik/Italic) carry on the Project "Error Error" which will lead the world to enjoyable heavy shake attacks with its twinkle house definition.../translated by Andreas Seibel Remute/Denis Karimani/Error Error Discography 12" Remute - Hypnoconsole EP (dekathlon 02) Remute - Inhuman Things (areal 16) Remute - Bugbear EP (dekathlon 16) Remute - Bounce23 (trapez 48) Error Error - It hit's my hair (italic 45) Error Error - Design (liebe+detail 02) Error Error - Is it love? (italic 49) Denis Karimani - War es nicht (dial 22) REMUTE Allnight Allright (rinse 02) Remute - Hui ui (liebe/detail) ... oktober Error Error - Give me pink (italic 52) ... september Remute LP on trapez --- december Remixes Solar - Ghosts/Remute RMX (forte 25) Markus Lange - End of time/Remute RMX (pocketgame07) The Crystal Understanding - Timmy and Tammy/ Remute RMX (werocklikecrazy02) DirtyDetune - Feel /Remute RMX (fabriquez03) Riley Reinhold+Steve Barnes - Odyssey/Remute RMX (MBF)! Lax - Music makes you/Remute RMX (MBF) Break3000 - Flash/Remute RMX (MBF) Adam Kroll - Sqonk /Remute RMX (Traum)! Dominik Eulberg - Die Trottellummen von Helgoland /Remute RMX (traum063) DNCN - Simple 4 your simple minds /Remute RMX (music mail) Nitsch&Gleinser vs. Remute - Self Distorted Life / Remute RMXs (vokuhila rec.) ..soon Crystal Understanding - Timmy and Tammy / Remute RMX (we rock like crazy) ... soon Kid Alex - Young and Beautiful /Error Error RMX (milk and sugar recordings) ... oktober Antonelli Electr. - The Morning /Error Error RMX (italic) ... oktober Remute - Haide Haide ( weave 011) ... oktober Compilations V/A Premier Pas (voltagemusique 01) V/A Bis neunzehn (areal CD02) V/A Sportler of the year (dekathlon 14) V/A Triple R Selection 3 (trapez CD04) V/A Reconstruct A : Remute- Probant R ( V/A Minimal Allstars Disco D.I.Y. : Error Error - Convert to maniac (italic 46) V/A 2Rabimmel : Remute - Mit freundlichen Füßen (areal 031)

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