Richard Bartz

RICHARD BARTZ WAS BORN IN MUNICH IN 1976. HE MADE FIRST CONTACT WITH TECHNO MUSIC IN 1991 AT THE ULTRAWORLD PARTIES IN MUNICH WHERE HE MET UPSTART AND DJ HELL. AFTER DEVIATING FROM HIS MORE COMMERCIAL SOLO-PROJECT 'ACID SCOUT' TOWARDS ABSTRACT PRODUCTIONS RICHARD FOUNDED HIS OWN LABEL 'KURBEL RECORDS' IN 1995. HE RELEASED NUMEROUS RECORDS AND GOT IN TOUCH WITH SEBASTIAN NIESSEN WHO WORKED WITH KRAFTWERK, AND WHO BASICALLY CHANGED HIS WORKING METHODS THROUGH HIS COMPETENCE IN THE ART OF MODIFYING SYNTHESIZERS. BESIDES THAT, HE TOOK THE INFLUENCE OF SOUL MUSIC, WHICH CAUSED SOME MAGAZINES LABELLING HIS EARLIER RECORDS AS "TECHNO SOUL". CURRENTLY RICHARD WORKS ON THE INVOLVEMENT OF DIGITAL TOOLS IN HIS PRODUCTION PROCESS . The Acid Scout returns to right where he began. Picking up his very first unsigned Kurbel releases (remember Style Wars, Ghettoblaster, and Saug 27?), he takes us onto a journey into deep space and instantly delivers the suitable soundtracks. Exploring sound molecules in a grooving asteroid field, discovering sexy robotic lifeforms on strange yet sexy new worlds, he leads us into a sparkling bright future. It's science fiction for a sci-fi generation, it's dense, it's funky, it's a soulful beat spaceship - it's the sound of the Acid Scout! His live sets are legendary, and when he played at the not less legendary Cocoon Club at Amnesia / Ibiza, there was no doubt that this 'Clash of Legends' would be recorded and released on the Live Album 'Live at Cocoon Club'. On this record, Richard shows his skills as a Live Act and the enthusiastic reactions of the audience are the proof that they are extraordinary.

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