Rino Cerrone

Rino Cerrone began his artistic career in 1989/90 when he was still taking part in National Motorbike racing. He started listening to music produced by artists such as "orb", "orbital" and "pshychic warriors of gaia". It was then in 1992 when he began buying and playing the first techno-trance tracks. In 1994 he left the motorbike racing to join the Naples Techno-dance scenario where he became a Dj and performed in the major underground club of the city. In 1995, together with Lindo Monaco and Nicola Buono, he gave birth to the Q-Men band which performed live techno-progressive music. In 1997 they produced their first record with the German label "Design Music rec" which was to be later replaced by the English label "Prime" and the talian "Conform". Later on, the different musical choices of the band, put Rino on the road to a personal "techno" project. In 1999 he started building his home studio and in cooperation with Mario Manganelli, he registered his own label "ri'li:s" and participated in many different "techno" productions as well as "tech-house", on various labels. Rino's incredibly effective Dj sets, for dark, punk and funky productions, have made him famous in Naples and all over the world.

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