Riso, born in Nijmegen, started playing records at his friends parties when he was still young. After visiting his first houseparty, he decided to buy a couple of turntables and started experimenting with different music styles. When he moved to Groningen for his study, he started playing at small local parties. But since he was the winner of a local dj contest, he became more famous in the scene. Nowadays Riso is playing everything between House and Techno music. He can look back on performances at Cocoon, Technootjes, Planet Rose, Drift, Tomorrow, Club Pepper, Simplon Invites, Schmoov, Casa, Stiletto, Deeplay, Weekbreek, Progressive City, Treats Open Air and many many more... He’s also busy with producing his own records, and organizing parties.

More info:
http://www.djriso.nl http://www.house-warming.nl

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