Alexander Sukhochev (aka Sashanti) is a creatively gifted person who fulfilled himself in many art forms including journalism, photography, writing, promotion and DJing. During the twenty years of the artistic career he became a prize-winning journalist, showed few of his photo exhibitions around the world and released a bestselling book in Russia about Goa named "The Goa Syndrome". Music though is given a very particular role among all, being a fuel for all the achievements.

Sashanti's music collection started to take shape with a rare electronic music in a still existing Soviet Union, which he played later on in the nightclubs of his small provincial hometown. Being a pioneer of the electronic movement in his native city, he felt the need to grow further. Next step was moving to the cultural centers of Russia Moscow and later St. Petersburg, where he continued to work and develop in the nightlife business.

In the year of 2004 Alexander is shifting the residency to Goa, which triggered a new turn in his career as a disk jockey and promoter. In parallel with dominating Trance at that time on the local scene he brought fresh waves by playing Techno and House genres, which appeared to be a brand new phenomenon and attracted lots of interest from smart crowd. Being generally a well-versed in music he found a full support from Shanti' Moscow headquarter to run it's winter residence in Goa. Since then the coastal venue Shanti Goa became a popular seasonal hub for a quality good-timer community and hosted quite a big number of events featuring Mathew Johnson, Koze, Cheb-I-Sabbah, D’Julz, Bjorn Wilke, Djuma Soundsystem, dOP, SCSI-9, Klartraum…

Sashanti himself plays both dance and chill-out music, which he carefully selects from Tech-house, Techno and Oriental Fusion sounds. Putting together atmospheric melodies or straightforward-beat tracks in his own matchless manner he captures light moods and employs subtle energies on the dance-floors. For the last years Sashanti played sets on all the main stages of big festivals in India and around: Big Chill (Goa, India, 2006), Sunburn (Goa, India, 2010-2012), Sula Fest (Nashik, India, 2010-2012), Universal Religion (Pokhara, Nepal, 2012). Besides, he is regularly invited to top Indian nightclubs, for fashion shows and private parties. Sashanti released 5 CDs of his own compilation in Shanti Moscow, recorded two podcasts for Kaato Music and at the present moment working about the mix for Lucidflow imprint.

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