Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue)

Born to parents who share a similarly open-minded sense of awareness, Sebastian’s upbringing was informed by their alternative views. His deep connection with music can be traced back to his formative years; from playing the organ and violin as a child, to performing in orchestras, string quartets and pop bands and progressing into electronic music in his late teens. “The purpose of making music is no different today, than it was when I first started,” he says. Discovering house and techno in the mid-nineties was a revelation to teenage Sebastian, and was the catalyst behind a revolution in his life. “The connectionbetween dancing and music became very important and beautiful to me,” he explains. From that point onwards, he set out on a new musical pathway, to promote the simplicity of being. Consciousness and awareness of the present moment, no overcomplicated analyzation, no overthinking, just complete submission to the essence of life.

This notion of simply being and beingness lies at the core of Sebastian’s Zen practice and informs his outlook. By stripping away the layers of unnecessary thought patterns and often crippling systems of behaviour that are imposed on us, by ourselves and society as a whole, we become free. By expressing one’s self in the state of simply being, we transmit a truth that is pure and untainted. Through his music Sebastian encourages this liberated state of being, and the communication of that beingness between everybody, reminding us just to be.

Throughout the late nineties he experimented with electronicsounds, forming cult duo Minilogue with a friend and releasing with Crosstown Rebels, Traum Schallplatten, Wagon Repair and more, plus two albums via Cocoon – ‘Animals’ (2008) and ‘Blomma’ (2013). In 2014, the duo decided to take a break and invest their time in solo projects and Sebastian has since been hard at work cultivating a collection of new music already snapped up by hugely influential labels Drumcode, Hypercolour and Minus.

Sebastian’s collaborative work runs parallel to his solo endeavours and he has teamed up with several prominent figures in the techno world to produce some unforgettable releases. Collaborators include Mathew Jonson, Donato Dozzy, Eitan Reiter, Aril Brikha and Ulf Eriksson, and releases have come via underground platforms such as Mule Musiq and Kontra Musik. He also produces under the alias Wa Wu We, a project focused on ‘meditation, improvisation and dance’ offering a serene, understated take on the techno aesthetic.

Sebastian’s studio sessions and live performances take influence from his spiritual practices and meditative techniques, and the inspiration provided by the serenity and simplicity of the forest close to his home in Röstånga. Söderåsen National park is a rich, utopian spread of natural woodland, which has been left to grow wild, retaining many of its primeval features. A powerful energy emanates from this forest, and Sebastian built his studio right next to the deep woodland as he finds the peace offered by the majestic, untainted forest informs his working process.

The aim is simple, as simple as the way in which nature itself operates. Through music Sebastian encourages self-expression and self-exploration. The euphoria experienced through dancing like there’s no tomorrow is a direct product of the rhythm and vibration the resonates from his work, and that resonance is fuelled by a pure and sincere desire to instil in every dance floor the freedom to release, to live in the moment and be at one with the universal truth. To simply be. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sebastian Mullaert’s live performances are awe-inspiring, combining technical wizardry with energy, atmosphere and euphoria, you only have to watch his Boiler Room performance for an example of his prowess. His talent for performing live also feeds into the new Be Yokai project, a trio formed of Sebastian,Douglas Holmquist and Kristoffer Ström. The three men formed a natural alliance, finding their flow after several sessions together. Again, they allow the creative process to occur in a more natural manner preferring not to force themselves to create when it doesn’t feel right. Their first EP is signed to Hypercolour sub-label Space Hardware, with a live show and more music in the pipeline.

Sebastian Mullaert is already established as a potent force in the world of electronic music. Serious about reminding people to BE on the dance floor, or in the comfort of their own home, the music he makes is deep, progressive and utterly unique. His way of life, enthusiasm and dedication to his craft makes him one of the most exciting artists of his generation and, whatever the future holds, you can be sure he will continue to channel the infinite energy that surrounds us into every facet of his life.

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