Setaoc Mass

Setaoc Mass is an essential voice in techno and electronic music today. As a DJ, producer and label curator, his vision is bold and clear, rooted as much in techno as it is in IDM, electro and experimental music.

Setaoc Mass is Sam Coates, an artist born in Manchester, long-since based in Berlin. In 2013, Coates moved from Manchester to Berlin and dedicated himself to music completely. In 2015, Coates launches SK_Eleven, a platform for his own music and "highly personal" project named after his home postal code that remains the primary home for his music. Four years later, SK_Eleven grows into SK_X, an outlet for music from like-minded artists among the best in techno. The project nurtures new talents and fosters a sense of community, actively contributing to the evolution of the techno scene. Then came 2022's Horror Vacui [SK11010], a debut album that made a clear artistic statement: with Setaoc Mass, techno is just the tip of the iceberg.

As a DJ, Setaoc Mass is a regular on the world's most hallowed dance floors — from Berghain, Basement and Bassiani to Awakenings, Freedom Festival, Paradigm Festival and more. A devotee of his music's history with no patience for nostalgia, Coates has absorbed techno's legacy, and is dedicated to pushing it forward.

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