Sicco Bosscher

Sicco Bosscher was born near Eindhoven in 1976. At a very early age his passion for music was ignited he was captured by the raw sound of heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Slayer. In the mid-eighties hip hop caught his interest and from here it was a small step to the sound of the electronic pioneers which was sweeping Europe in the late eighties and early nineties. After a couple of years of visiting parties he decided he also wanted to be part of the scene in a more active way. He started buying records and practicing his skills. He got his first turntables back in 1993, shortly after this he moved to Rotterdam. In the beginning the music he played was of an eclectic nature. This was until he set foot in the legendary Westergas fabriek in 1994 and he never looked back. When he started listening to techno he was inspired by dj's like Juan Atkins and Richie Hawtin. Nowadays his style ranges from deep minimal to strong and pumping techno with a touch of off beat depending on the venue and timeslot he's playing. His spinning has already landed him gigs at Lowlands, Integrate, Club Risk, Legalize, Frozenland, Decompression, Stubnitz, Dance into 2005 and even as far as Poland and Hungary to name a few. In 2000 Sicco started producing as a member of Sculpturism and together with Dave Miller, Damian Keane, and Eddy Kreischer he founded the record label Audiosculpture. A label which profiles itself as one of the more deeper imprints without loosing touch with the dance floor. Audiosculpture has seen international support by dj s such as Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Pacou, Paco Osuna, Petar Dundov, Steve Rachmad, Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer, Andre Galuzzi, dj Rush and many more. Discography Audiosculpture 001 Sculpturism - The Call of the Confuciusornis Audiosculpture 002 Sculpturism - The Call of the Confuciusornis (Mark Broom RMX) Audiosculpture 003 Sculpturism - Electribes Audiosculpture 005 Sculpturism - Dusk

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