Silvie Loto

SILVIE LOTOSilvie Loto is a “gentle warrior”. She is one of those people with a profound love for music, which she approaches with outstanding intensity. And of course, she is also one of those people with an extraordinary background as a DJ/producer: Resident DJ in two of the most important Italian and European clubs such as Tenax in Florence and Goa in Rome; DJ sets across Europe for years; she has played in Balearic sanctuaries such as Music On, Paradise and Circoloco at DC10; releases on labels that have shaped the history of contemporary dance music like BPitch Control by Ellen Allien.

But this is not the point. In such times when too often the art of Deejaying is taken as a means to reach fame in the fastest way possible, this Italian DJ/producer has worked for over a decade towards a different direction with a different attitude. Each DJ set of hers is done with meticulous care following the concept of journey and exploration: if techno and house are the two grounds on which to build solid and majestic buildings, what makes Silvie truly special – and truly a warrior – is the attention with which she combines different elements, historical references and explorations on the edge, as well as shots right to the heart and extraordinary vertigo.

She is not one of those DJs who is merely in search of the sound of the moment. She is not the type of DJ who carefully tries to give a clear and recognizable self-representation. She is rather the type of DJ who can explore, who can take risks and give up on the easiest way and chooses to go for a better way, the one that is more personally satisfying – being someone who loves art and creativity at its fullest. Never has she been subject to arrogance, superficiality, or convenience, but rather fiercely concentrated on what she is able to be: deepness, contentment and beauty in the spaces and in the stories of the most authentic and noble club culture. The one that one should always be able to recognize. The one that gives the most intense satisfaction.

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