Simina Grigoriu

Fast Forward >> After almost exactly twelve months SiminaGrigoriu has resumed her station behind the turntables. Creative pause? Wrong! Simina has become the mother to a baby daughter, and, as befits a full-blooded artist,has not let the time elapse without music.

With the fresh impulses of motherhood, the artistfine-tuned her new tracksduring her pregnancy, which have also just beenliftedlike a baby from the baptism. In playful tracks full of positive vibes and a solid dose of techno, Simina returns on November 16, 2015 with her first comeback release with Form Music.

It is impressive to see with what energy and vitality SiminaGrigoriu masters the balancing act between family and music. She remains true to her unique sound and is now, above all: a full-time mom with the vision to be leddeeperinto her music by an ever-present instinct for play.
We look forward to more from an artist who we can’t imagine the techno scene without, and for a comeback that has more than earned the moniker ‘playful’.

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