Amsterdam based Sjamsoedin has been around the electronic music scene for 20 years. He bought his first sampler in 1999 and has been experimenting with electronic instruments ever since, which resulted in building his own modular synth in 2014 to sculpt his own sound even further. Sjamsoedin played about every Dutch stage imaginable and toured around half the world with several collectives and under different monikers.

After his first solo EP ‘Orion’ on vinyl (La Freund Recordings), he released ‘Never Know’ on DGTL Records together with De Sluwe Vos and own EP ‘Lunchbox’. The two artists also joined forces on a Mathew Johnson remix (Capsule, June 2019). There is more to follow as Sjamsoedin will soon release a brand new EP.

Sjam has been a DJ since forever, but now as Sjamsoedin he reinvented his performance with a jacking, acidic, electro clubsound. With a growing live reputation because of shows at multiple festivals this year, Sjamsoedin is already presenting his new material in a performance full of electro, house and techno ingredients. All created live on stage by man and machine.

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