Sou Tai (Mark Williams & Paul Mac)

Paul Mac and Mark Williams have now launched the Sou Tai project which features Paul Mac on Ableton and Mark on 3 turntables and cdj's. The idea to present a intense mash up of sounds not possible with one person on there own and fire in unexpected classics and oddities on the way. "Sou Tai" (meaning dual in Japanese) is the new and exciting live collaboration between UK Techno stalwarts Paul Mac (Sino, Kanzleramt, Ingoma) and Mark Williams (Real Vinyl, Ingoma, Subject Detroit). Aiming for Maximal Impact, the pair have been developing a fresh take on the classical and somewhat stale DJ performance with their head to head combination of Ableton, Turtnables & Cdj's that will literally take your breath away.? With clinical precision and lightening speed, this fully interactive experience brings about a whole new dimension in sound as their skills and talents are pushed to the limits and back as Mac explains: " combining our forces, we are trying make something that just isn't possible with one person, in a live situation you never quite know how the other is going react or what is even coming next..." Making full use of classics old and new, oddities, specially programmed loops, beats, samples and Fx - "Sou Tai" is a rollercoaster ride into the realm of? "Man Vs Machine Vs Man" like you have never seen or heard it before.? Make no mistake, the titans are about to clash!

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