DJ’ing was just the beginning; in 2008 Max en Kalle enrolled in the School of Audio Engineering. A year later their first EP, Cap D’es Falco, was an instant hit. Since then they’ve put most of their time in producing. The results of that time are, and will be, listed below.

The key to their success as a duo lies in the old adagio “Great minds think alike”. Their cooperation is based on a mix of total respect for each other’s creativity and talent (without being afraid to be honest toward each other) and the way in which they agree (on what is good music and what is not). The symbiosis is almost scary. But scary or not, it enables them to reach levels of near perfection The word ‘rest’ simply does not exist in their vocabulary. Despite a busy schedule they constantly strive for musical innovation. With an increasing interest of various highly respected labels, it won’t take too long before the broad mass will finally meet the Specker sound.

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