Steve Bug

2001 is a year of global gigs and tours from the US and Canada to Japan and Australia,not the less due to another important change:bookingwise Escorteaze now takes care on the major Poker Flat artist roster and,of course,on Steve Bug himself,who started the production of his next Poker Flat album. The first outtake 12inch "You Make Me Feel "is released in February 2002 and is already an underground club hit.Studio sessions in Toronto with Richie Hawtin in February 2002 result in Minus 9 -Low Blow 12inch (released in july 2002)and Steve co-produces the Pull EP 'with Chicago 's Nick Calingaert aka Common Factor. In September 2002 Steve Bug released his second Poker Flat solo-album "Sensual "which shows a warm clubby variety of Steve 's musical talent,deep,kicking and minimal but with a completely new flavor -a new magical formula-that might surprise you but keep you warm and smiling...seductively laid-back and funky. Both singles "You Make Me Feel "and "November Girl " appeared to be club hits and the following 12 ""That 's What I Like " continued this tradition.. Somewhere around the end of 2002,another crucial change was made.Steve decided to play his club sets only and always with Final Scratch from this point on. And he had his first Final Scratch DJ mix released in May 2003,in the context of his "Da minimal Funk 3 ", which is yet another highlight in Steve Bug 's carrer. He also earned much respect for his remix productions for e.g.Jeff Samuel and Pascal F.E.O.S.,just to name a few.Especially his remix for Freaks -"The Creeps " was voted the best remix 2003 by german Dance mag Groove. Not only these very good positions of Poker Flat and Dessous artists and releases in the annual polls made 2004 a good year so far.It 's Poker Flat 's and Dessous ' fifth anniversary to be celebrated this year. Furthermore,Steve forces his studio sessions,working on his forthcoming third album,scheduled for end of 2004. As a first result of his increased studio times,the sub- series "Future Retro "on Poker Flat is going to be launched in April 2004.Using minimized and only old school equipment is the key. Watch out! Phax feat. Steve Bug Tri Top (Superstition) Steve Bug Bugwahn (Superstition Special) Steve Bug Mein Bug Dein Bug (Superstition Special) Steve Bug Bug For Everyone (Rising High) Steve Bug Bride & Bridegroom (Superstition) S.B. Entertainment presents Highlife (Utah Rec.) Steve Bug vs. Acid Maria Toby Nation (Raw Elements) Steve Bug H0 (Raw Elements) Steve Bug vs. Acid Maria Indescreet (Raw Elements) Steve Bug H0 Future Lines (Stickmen) Steve Bug Released Trax - Album (Raw Elements) Steve Bug On The Road Again (Raw Elements) Steve Bug Volksworld - Album (Raw Elements) Steve Bug Da Minimal Funk Vol.1 (Raw Elements) Steve Bug Da Minimal Funk Vol.2 (Raw Elements) Steve Bug vs. Acid Maria You Might Be Surprised (Raw Elements) Steve Bug Drives Me Up The Wall (Raw Elements) Steve Bug Double Action (Poker Flat) Steve Bug vs. DJ T. Monsterbaze (Poker Flat) Steve Bug The Other Day - Album (Poker Flat) Steve Bug SoulinĀ“Deep (Dessous) Steve Bug At The Front (Poker Flat) Steve Bug A Night Like This (Poker Flat) Steve Bug A Night Like This Remixes (Poker Flat) Steve Bug You Make Me Feel (Poker Flat) Steve Bug Freshly Squeezed (Poker Flat) Richie Hawtin & Steve Bug Low Blow (Minus) Steve Bug Sensual - Album (Poker Flat) Steve Bug November Girl (Poker Flat) Steve Bug & The Common Factor The Pull E.P. (Tactile) Steve Bug That's What I Like (Poker Flat) Steve Bug Da minimal Funk Vol.3 (Poker Flat) Steve Bug Future Retro 101 (Poker Flat)

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