Steven P

Steven P (1983) was born in Etten-Leur but soon after moved to a Rotterdam suburb. His interest in electronic dance music started to grow at the tender age of ten. Heavily influenced by the older kids in his neighbourhood, who were already into mixing house records, he bought his first set of turntables when he was only twelve years of age. Starting out like most young DJ's, Steven began playing at school events and local parties. It didn't take long before he started playing for larger crowds on a regular basis. For instance, he was one of the resident DJ's at a Rotterdam based afterparty club at the age of seventeen. Although it's hard to stick a certain label to his sound, it can be best described as forward thinking deep-, and minimal house with a soulful twist. However, influences ranging from dub, tech-house, soul, breakbeat, detroit techno, chicago, electro, acid and jazz to even leftfield electronics are leaving behind their marks in his music. One of his key features is definately the way he brings a certain warmth and a positive vibe to the dance floor. He makes intelligent grooves accessible to his audience and has the rare abillity to cater steaming peaktime dancefloors as well as providing more relaxed downtempo vibes for afterhour chill sessions. Since three years Steven has been spending more and more time on learning the ins and outs of electronic music production. This resulted in the completion of a series of tracks and his first carefull attempts to performing live. Soundwise he is aiming to touch the listeners soul by appealing to the body as well as the mind, using warm flowing path's and deep yet very funky rhythm's. His first release, a collaboration with Khalil on the label 'Grammafoon' is currently available through Beatport. Steven P's tracks made him a semi finalist for the 2007 edition of 'Grote Prijs Van Nederland'. Currently Steven is working for the Rotterdam Electronic Music Festival and is busy finishing his bachelor degree in 'Media and Entertainment Management'. Beside this he also co-hosts several party's, with 'Je weet toch!', 'Fubar','_LIVE' and 'Rehab' he and his partner in crime Khalil provide a platform for contemporary electronic music. They were both invited to participate in the 2006 edition of the national Red Bull Music Academy taster. To celebrate his 23rd birthday Steven organised a massive beachparty (Brandend Zand Festival, Juli 2006) which featured a 40 dj back2back line up. The party was attended by approximately 1500 visitors. Since august 2006 Khalil and Steven P host a weekly show on the stream radio station. Future projects include the development of his own company called 'Buddha Unit', a new series of clubnights and together with Khalil and Biological he is starting up the new label 'Karakter'. On a shorter notice: keep an eye out for this enthousiastic and highly motivated house freak, soon to be setting fire to a dancefloor near you!

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